I’ve just uploaded the new version of the code for the Character Studio that fixes a ton of micro-problems and some major ones: in detail

  • The “New Character” menu is now renamed to a more correct “Edit Character” name. This menu opens the Editor and never create a new character (exception: if you reload the page).
  • A new button has been added to create a brand new PC with no modifiers (no weapons, no XP spent…).
  • The first section of the Damage Track now has 4 rows to allow the introduction of the required modifiers for a newly created PC.
  • Fixed the formatting for characters with low HP (7-9), where the second section only has 2 HP of width.
  • Fixed the code to allow the use of special characters like “, ‘, [ and ( in the names – useful to add nicknames and/or additional infos on the name like (Leader) – yes, this seems a small thing but I’ve realized that the old version was unable to properly manage special characters and it took me two days to fix them.

I will now evaluate the option to introduce a random generator of Enemies, capable of creating for example Mercenaries (combining Traits, Weapons and Armor) or Mutants (adding of course mutations). Your comments/suggestions/critics are always welcome.

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