Blood on the Blade and Blood in Space include a good number of different enemies to face, but can only cover a small set of the possible adversaries of your warbands and crews. In order to provide new gaming options and challenges for your games, especially during this period of forced quarantine, I’ve started working on a Enemy Generator: this new utility is capable of generating a group of adversaries based on the RL of your warband/crew. Individual traits are included in the sheet so you’ll get every time a different combination of adversaries for your games.

The new generator is availble here:

You can currently generate two different groups of enemies:

  • Beastman (Plaguetouched)
  • Xeno Species //110.AH0178/83

I’m planning to add the Mutants with the release of BiS 2.0, and of course additional enemies will be added in the future.

As usual, if your have ideas or suggestions feel free to add a comment here or reach me via email.

Stay Safe and Play Games

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