Great news for The Way of the Warrior, the Vassal module for this game is finally ready and has been added to the game package in Wargame Vault (and this means that is free for all the players).

While developing the Tabletop version of WoTW, I immediately realized that a Vassal Module would be a great addition to play the game digitally: unfortuntately, simply loading all the components into Vassal was not the right solution since many tasks, especially the deck creation, were very time consuming on Vassal. In the last months I’ve improved a lot my skills on Vassal and I’ve finally learned how to create some automation tasks that reduce the setup time to nearly zero seconds: in particular all the decks can now be created with a simple click: the required cards will be selected, the “Objective Reached” card is added to the second half of the deck and the mission is ready to play immediately.

Additional features added include:

  • easy management of the units: a contextual menu enable to set the most common status (eg. pinned, morale, wounds)
  • cards with events requiring to add new cards to the deck have now a menu option to automatically perform this task
  • Objective Cards have a menu option to prepare the last terrain cards once the objective is reached.

An help file has been added to the module to document the most relevant functions.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this new way of playing the Way of the Warrior and many thanks in advance for your support.

The game is available here:…/The-Way-of-the-Warrior…