The next addition to the mounted characters are the Wolf Riders; the Orc Enemy Sheet already includes Plague Wolves as individual characters: some of the strongest Wolves are used as mounts by the Orcs, creating a powerful combination of strength, speed and ferocity.

The Wolf Riders use the Special Dice to trigger two distinct effects:

  • Shove. If the Special Dice is a ‘6’, the target of the attack must immediately undergo a DEX(9) skill check; failure of this check will cause the character to become Prone. Only applies to newly engaged targets (i.e. after the Wolf Rider moved and engaged a character).
  • Bite. If the Special Dice is a ‘1’, execute an additional attack with the Plague Wolf.

The updated Orc Enemy Sheet is available here: after some additional playtest I’m planning to move this Sheet in the official distribution of BoTB.

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