Rifles in the Ardennes is a simple solitaire system that allows the recreation of small combat engagements (five to ten units per side) in the European theatre of World War II, focusing on the years 1942-1944.

Rifles in the Ardennes includes:

  • 43 Unit Counters
  • 42 Operational Markers
  • One Simplified Map Card
  • Three Army Sheets
  • Eight Missions
  • One Full-Color Rulebook
  • One Combat-Ready Ziploc Bag

More information on RiTA is available on the dedicated BGG page and on the Publisher website.

RiTA Resources

A mission generator for RiTA is available here: you can generate five different types of missions with different difficulty levels to extend your RiTA gaming experience.

Rifles in the Darkness

Rifles in the Darkness a free module for the Rifles series (Rifles in the Ardennes, Rifles in the Pacific and Rifles in the Peninsula). RiTD is a PnP expansion that explores the idea of supernatural forces joining the battlefield, forcing your soldiers to face enemies of unknown origin.

The package for RiTK is available here: http://zak965.it/rifles/darkness/RITK.zip

Urban Warfare Module

Additional components and rules to provide more detailed urban combat options. The module is presented here.

Vassal Module

A Vassal module is available for Rifles in the Ardennes: download it here on the Vassal website.